Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cheers to the head on the heels!!

Everyday thousands of woman walk in and out of that door, wearing their charm on sleeves and tip tapping the floor in their brightly coloured or multi-hued, blingy or matte, rough or polished oh-so-yumm FIVE inched heels..

Surely enough all these women have one thing in mind "To prove themselves". Sometimes in discomfort, on their toes, balancing on a tightrope called a life. Sometimes when she sees them, the single streak of thought that passes her myriad mind; "Will i be one of them someday?" much she would have loved tapping those heels, gliding them on that smooth marble floor.

Each of them with a thought of their own, walking through the difficult lanes of hundreds of doubts that arise everyday @ their workplace or @ home. Gliding through life, putting a full stop to those millions raised eyebrows to question her creditability, in her beautiful stilettos, she copes up with every small detail in this BIG patriarchal universe.

As she look upto them, her "sole" becomes much more aware of the "ground beneath" and also the fact that being a woman is not easy at all, whether it may be in her over worn nike shoes or the pair of Mary Janes(umm..OK!! i got them at a 50% sale price) lying at the back drop of her shoe rack at home.

To all those beautiful pair of legs on those killer heels, waiting for a new tomorrow to Sashay in their Stilettos once again. CHEERS!!!


  1. hey kb really nice blog...
    really impressed by the layout...
    anyway nice to see you here on the blogosphere...

  2. woo awesome eh! Well yeah I'm totally a stilettos freak! And I love mine. But I don't wear heels at all, its only when I party. I'm more comfortable in flat chappal (slipons) ! =D

  3. Esther, Thank you soo much.
    Even i am a great stilettos freak, but prefer my converse more...

  4. hey KB... this is kinda a general comment... u got a lovely blog - lovely posts and awesome template... temme where u got it from tsk tsk... keep writing yaah! :)


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