Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Since June i'm trying to post something or the other and end up in piling blog drafts. As the year ends i think i wanted to write about everything that came by in the last 6 months. I have too much to say. Are you even listening??? Wish you did.

Shillong. Presents. IIM-S. Changing Blog templates every time i sit down to post. Third year. The new guy. Jakarta. Arihant Khanna. Rooom mate. Cat fights. Dallas. Hermes' 4 inches. The Gucci tote. MAC Kohl. Blackberry. College. All 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S again. The South Beach Diet. Putting on weight. Back to brushes. A breakup in between. Jamshedpur. The giant wheel. Skoda. His marriage. My love. Kolkata. Grey Goose. New Moon. Hostile Hostelites. Edward Cullen. Joy-fest. A new haircut yet AGAIN. The Quadra-Cats. Life lessons. Mom. Navratri. Youth-fest. The Manish Arora stuff. Nephew. Back stabbed. Melodrama. Making new friends. Sneaking out. Collages. Team-mates. BBIC. Horse-riding. Missing the blogospehere. Christmas 2009. Resolutions to make. Declamation. Debate. Friends getting married at 20. Buddies for life. Controversies. Sister-sorority pact. Crying my heart aloud. 3 Idiots. The Ad-Making Comp. Not being the poster perfect daughter. New year amidst exams.

I can go on more i guess. Each word is bursting out with its own story. Life has been a whirl-wind lately. I am pretty unmotivated these days. I wish i change with the changing year. I want to write. Desperately. There is a lot to say.

Have an exam in exact 4 hours. Haven't touched the notes yet. Hope i fare well. My eyes are still in search of "HER" who is no where to be found.

Tadaa 2009. Had fun!!

P.S Have started writing my first book ;)


  1. You couldn't have given more liberty to a reader.. As if I am given the topics to muse upon and think whatever I can under the sun ;)

  2. So wht all did u think of till now??


Why I write this ?

so you finally want to know. Well very often I have a writer's block. I am over burdened by my own thoughts. Sometimes i do take the pain of puttin them up, mostly i do not. This is a peek-a-Boo of what i see, what i feel and what i want you to know. Bear with me! Happy reading!