Thursday, December 31, 2009

Will miss you sorta "2009"

And I really think i have become very regular with my posts even before taking a new year resolution of the same!!! Kudos to me!!

My last post of  the year! P.S : 2009 you sucked badly!!! huh!! You weren't as great as i expected you to be. Nevertheless, have a gala farewell.!!!

To everyone everywhere HAVE A GREAT START!!! Make your resolutions and chuck them to the darkest corners of your room.

Eat, Party and be merry!!! coz 2009 will never come back!!! Bid a great GOODBYE!

 Drink up and Groove!!!



  1. I am happy 2009 is packing its bags.. It was worst ever for me :(

  2. i support u!! it wasnt so gr8 fpr me either!!

  3. Yes......... 2010 is going to be a theme year. nd any guesses wat d theme is???????
    It's "ALL IZZ WELL"......year
    nJOY D YEAR......

  4. Awww for sure poooji!!! it is gonna b a theme year!!!


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