Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On writer's block and PMS.....

I have been staring at this screen for the last one hour and using the delete button more than I ever have.

It's simply never happened before. Words never fail me. I usually have a million things to say and the words always flow through.

Not these days. I tried more than once to write for the new year, but all in vain. I have 42 draft posts. (* its not that i didn't try, i just couldn't)

I have a million things swimming in my head right now but the words just refuse to form. Maybe it's because I dont have one or two things to say. As I said, I have a million things. I am rambling now. Another first.

So well, This post won't be the most brilliant thing ever. It's ok. I'll live. I'll settle for mediocrity, just this once.

I don't know why but i have been dying to shoot out this since last few times.
It is silly. I confess it is. But darn true. I just got a sms from a buddy(KV) asking coulnt i get a better theme to write on relating to my last post. I am a woman who has gone crazy in this mad mad man world.


…because on average, we will spend a total of about 5 years of our lives dealing with PMS, rolling with painful stomach cramps, and walking around with pseudo-diapers between our legs. How’s that for inconvenient!

...because we are subjected to an unreal idea of beauty that makes us willingly let hot wax rip the hair off our skin and criss-crossing threads mow the hair off our faces. Why don’t people get it- Females, like most of the homo sapien species, have body hair! Live with it!

…because no matter how intelligent or interesting or accomplished we are, it is always ultimately about the beauty of our face, the proportions of our body and the color of our skin.

...because women are forever doomed to be uncomfortable if they want to look good- Stupid impractical g-strings, painful and blister causing high heeled shoes, circulation-preventing skinny jeans- the list goes on. So it's either pretty in pain or ugly in comfort. Either way it’s a lose-lose situation.

…because we have to live with being told by absolute morons that the slight bulge on our stomach is ugly and unnatural, while being a bag of bones with pale white skin is beautiful and awe-worthy. Get some spectacles please!

…because no matter what background we come from, we always end up needing to fight for things that seem to come easily to the boys and should also come easily to us.

...because we have to put up with life forms coming out of orifices obviously too small for the job. And apparently THAT is supposed to be the greatest joy of our lives!

...because despite all that, we still get labeled as the weaker and more delicate sex. Bah, Humbug!

Despite being the only child i feel this. Darn this whore world!

PS- This post is the result of a frustrating weekend spent with 7 guys (spent 15 years with them), watching a performance of 'The Vagina Monologues' and obsessing about exams and unwanted body hair and chipped nails.

PS2- I am not joking about the 5 years. Trust me, I did the math!  
O my writer genes...come back to me! i need you!


  1. That's really gud random stuff . I love mosaic, nd did i like this. Nd it's really true. I've been just dreaming of bcoming an 'ontro' but the fact that nobody takes women seriously, atleast not for their bosses, makes me rethink on my decision. And we really need to redefine the world where rights to gay's are guaranteed but right to women of equal respect to their male counterparts is not.

  2. OMG!!! this comment can surely turn into a novel by itself! This is the reason I love you gurl!!! You give me the direction to write the nonsense i write which makes sense in some sense that i have no sense to sense.

  3. Reading this post I can assure your writer genes are gone nowhere..
    A very different and a sound read!

  4. it definately is tough being a women... fighting the society and age old misconceptions ... breaking free from stereotypes...
    wonderful post...

  5. loved your post...and so agree with you.

    Once you reach mid 30's, the battle is so steep you just say WTF and thumb your nose at expectations. I am already there...ask me :P

  6. hey u know what , just do wat u want and screw the world. Seriously all this crap about "you should always look good and blah blah" is just hypocritical bullshit which deserves nothing more than our ignorance. As guys we are also expected to act behave and perform in a certain way but all that never really made sense to me. Infact for once i would really like to see a girl who doesnt care about what she looks and is more concerned about what she wants to do in life. That would be one cool girl

  7. Jasleen... This post is a result of frustration. Long time i saw you back! Loved to have you back here.

    Rajlakshmi....Its so difficult to break away from the age-old conceptions. So true, yet so less has been done about it.

    Lazy Pineapple...I loved your blog so much. I am glad i got a comment from you. I am sure i would be hanging upside down till i am 30. Its much more difficult being Thirty and Thriving.

    Rohan....I am more than elated to get a comment from a school friend. I agree with the statement " just do wat u want and screw the world". Hope that was cent percent practical.

  8. hey no probs. i following ur blog from a long time. just never commented until now.keep writing. jai mata di, LETS ROCK !

  9. Really...Thats a great statement to hear from you. Anyways i don't end up writing so very often. Do read! Jai mata di...Lets rock!

  10. You better end up writing more often. Lively I must say..Count me in as your regular visitor. Will be adding you to my new blog roll..

  11. Pratiksha...Thank you so much, i guess all these comments would motivate me to write more. I was so mesmerized by your blog, its great that you visited mine! :)

  12. Well, only last week I was just complaining to my best friend that guys need to shave often and she gave me a long speech which kind of sounded like this post...
    Trust me, your post is much more interesting!


    May be that is why NATURE has given women an extra X chromosome... To bear all the inconvenience...

    Kajori... you are hell of a writer...

  14. Gtoosphere ...Thank you so much..u found this more interesting!

    Sarabjot..Thank you so much! Hope you visit frequently!

  15. I like!!! Very brilliantly put description of the life we are "doomed" to live... But its a blessing that we are girls, we rock!!! There are so many joys that will only be known to us!!!

  16. aww Neerja...we surely rock! Those joys known to us are beyond the reaches of any man, it would take him more than a lifetime!!! thanks 4 d visit! :)

    I am intrigued ?


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