Tuesday, February 9, 2010

zebra all the way!

In India all things are treated alike.while a green signal means go for traffic,it is a green for our pedestrians and yesterday I witnessed the most latest ongoings of this OLD TRADITION.

Jumping before a speeding bus to cross the road,an elegantly dressed woman,balancing on a pair of stilettos can get across quiet easily. Her modus operandi is simple: she STOPS traffic. The cars slow down,buses stop hoping the madam will hop in. And before anyone knows it,she is safe on the other side.

Cut to the great Indian Family on the road.The thrill of crossing the road is immense.And the exercise is undertaken with full preperation. Members of the family go into a huddle,hands are held,fists clenched.Somebody emerges the leader,his eyes fixed on the road.Once he decides to cross,the rest of the gang are AUTOMATICALLY PROPELLED forward by sheer momentum and God's benign hand. Nothing can beat the pace of our JANTA. The cross-over is complete.

In this age of instant coffee,instant money,instant messaging and instant crossin,why walk all the way to those silly-looking black and white stripes.They are only meant for the traffic "Pandus!",making there jurisdiction and office space. 

 "Beyond the stripes,self rule thrives."


  1. You are a proffesional writer. plz start writing those nwspapr colums too seriously...... nd do blog everyday.... this one ws just awesome ... awesome description .... wil luk forward to ur blogs to come...

  2. Thanks a lot poojeeee!! ur comment really made me smile!!!! Please do come back!

  3. That's a really good post!

  4. Thank you so much! Do visit again!


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