Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Treat to Twenty

Yesterday was finally the day, the day i was looking forward to.

I turned 20 on 29th March, 2010. I say that again TWENTY.

As in Two Oh. Twenty.

As in 1080 week old, TWENTY.

As in approx 7300 days old.

Ohh my God, I am Twenty!!!! As in the twenty after 19!!! And i am going paranoid. (well, that is'nt hard to guess)

As a twenty year old, life revolves around the 400 something facebook friends, some 500 friends beyond the virtual world, an ipod and text machine that has 24*7 access to my ear and fingertips respectively, parties, gossip over numerous cups of coffee with the girls, guping down 2 ltr of coca-cola in few mins with the crazy roomate, the lillegal shots at the parties and a caulderon of sheer drama (read melodrama).

20 days ago, the prospect of turning twenty was fascinating, daunting, scary. Honestly, I was bubbling with joy when each day neared for me to turn 20. Everybody around me was 21, and i was still in my teens.  And today I am a day past 20. It feels good. really??? does it??

I honestly am confused for how should it feel for someone who occasionly behaves like a mother of two and mostly a teen of 12, to turn TWENTY, oh twenty??

Two Oh, Twenty is surely a wierd place to be, I feel sanely preposterous.

I guess i should leave behind my 'teenagy' past, get a hold over my life and walk past the "Ohh-I-am-a-Teen phase".

I am surely not the same girl as I was before 29th of march. But trust me, i am no better NOW.

I am just 20. TWENNTY. lol.. just twenty. I can still throw teenagy oops post-teenagy tantrums, sing loudly like i am six, read Enid Blyton, throw water baloons at the people, sniff the food that i have to eat, call names to those Bitches women i detest to the core of my heart, keep doodling on the walls.

There is just the same 2, as there was in the two or twelve.
Somethings never change and neither do some people.

 And i am awaitng and grudgingly fighting with myself to be Thirty.  Thirty and Thriving!!!


  1. yo i am the first one to make you smile this :)
    Good Work gal!!
    Keep writing...

  2. Heena>>> thank you soo soo much!! you are one of my fav readers n critics. I loved it so much to get a comment from you!

    Parth>>> Thank you

  3. Extremely Belated Happy Birthday then!! :D Welcome to the tweens.. you are now officially one of us tweenagers :)

  4. Sammythewizzy>>> ohh yeaah!! i am in the tweens atlast!! n thank you so much

  5. Kajori a Very Happy Belated Birthday :)

    I can understand how you feel now when you have turned twenty. I had somewhat similar feeling two years back.

    Take care and keep smiling :)
    See you in my blog too..

  6. Happy 7320 days to you, see I am not late ! :P
    ... Wishes and smiles for this devil! :)

    Take care .. Sourav :)

  7. Romeo>>> I am sorry..I know in d darkets corners of blogsphere i can here u say "eeeshh..what a bad girl!! cannot even reply on her own post!! chi chi chi"

    well thank you. I will visit u soon.

  8. Sourav>> you surely arent as late as I am@@@ Thank you so much!


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