Thursday, March 18, 2010

Verbal Constipation or/Aur Raajma..What kept me awake?

Its not at all funny but tragic to see how writing this post is becoming a sour chore. Indeed its not raining words and thoughts and spilling paragraph after paragraph of utter nonsense(as u may say) is not an easy task.

Life are you lisetning??? Stop being such a bitch!!!. And as i get something to actually pen down, there's "ding!!"  The yahoo IM, at 5 in the morning!!!!
Arrrgggh...I again got distracted. Yeaaah, so life are you still there??????

Do take a note of this. You owe me.

One grrreaat job, one incredibly handome( sexy too) husband
and all the demands in a typically girly girl's list.
(and few be added according to my mood and want variation)

So, where was I? Oh ya, life's being a bitch, i got to get back and push my wheel. Whoa, cliché alert! Sorry,blogging aperture is taking its toll. Why the hell is it so hard to write these days? I am so badly suffering from
 V-E-R-B-A-L Constipation

Oye terri!! Again a "Ding!!"!! That buzz at 5.00 a.m,  Read A.M on my yahoo was from a very close freinds's ex-girlfriend's sister's roommate's best friend. OKAY! so This woman is online at 5.20 a.m GMT+5.30, to ask me how to make RAJMA! huh!

I NEED to write a post. How'd you feel when people disturb you when you want to write a blog post????

My blog's dying of mal-posting and all she cares about is Rajma at 5.00 A.M.   It seemed all the search engines and recipie websites were dozing that she landed upon me to ask the same.

"Achha tussi us din jo raajma banaye the, vo vadde change the. Vo gal ye hai ke my boyfriend is coming over and usne hai na raajma bahaut pasand hai, so agar thodi help mil jaati" (her exact words, i ctrl+c and ctrl+v'ed it)
Now if this woman had used only one language i would have still helped her. Why Three at once??????
The goody goody me replied: "yea sure" *batting my eyes*
"To zara koi acchi si raajma di recepie batana" {("oye vo laal vala dikhana, arre nai nai vo neela vala", recipie hai ya dupatta) * pun}

I spent almost 3 hours showing , telling her the ways to make raajma (i know quite a few) and she kept and saying "Aur kuch nahi hai kya? koi achhi waali"

By the time it was 8:00 a.m I was sure she was buying a saree. Finally one of my occasionally (read: Rarely) made, but widely acclaimed and complimented recipie was the one that could actually SHUT HER UP.
Wish i knew this would do the trick.

The magical recipie was 'Rum de Rajma!'. And i seriously want to share it!

C(r)ook up the Rajma as you usually would (without the haldi puh-lease!!!) add to it a generous 60-90ml of apni desi Old Monk! It's not just good for the tatse.. it's awwsumm for the color as well! :)

When i first made this in Delhi, this was lapped up and finger licked by an salivating audience of 16 as if there was no tomorrow! [if u wanna know how i do my rajma in detail lemme know! :)]

Anyway, sorry for putting you through this, this post was completely pointless and not to mention completely random.

Oye but wait, that's how all my posts are!

Its 8:30 A.M as i am posting this, my roommate's going to wake me up exactly in an hour's time and forcefully make me study for the up-coming exams! Arrgh!! Life's such a mess!

Do you know the BIG news yet or not?? I'll be turning 20 in exact ELEVEN days!! :p


  1. the sucker punch in the whole story was only eleven days left to leave the teen age behind :P

    great ending :D

  2. OMG!! just that??? you seriously mean just that teeny weeny part? Anyways thanks 4 the visit~

  3. just kidding...the blog was interesting and would love to have that kind of rajma ;)

  4. Forget all abt blogs nd concentrate full time on Rajma's .. u'l progress nd prosper faster .... nd ya so wher's d next Rajma party ??? will b waiting ...

  5. Pooja!! i never thot you would say this!!! i would raher make the rajma and blog too!!! I love doing both! Next rajma treat is soon enough, as soon as you search me a place to cook and arrange the old monk in our liquor prohibited state!


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