Thursday, May 20, 2010

One cup Robin Sharma, Pleaase!

Obviously you can trust me when I say that I will post everyday albeit
regularly with the same degree of trust when your boyfriend who has been cheating on you says "This was just one time, it was a mistake!! I plomish baby never again. Pleeeej trust me"

The other day I was making cupcakes and a thought flew by. Wish the world had an Instant Cupcake Maker; you know the way we have Instant Coffee Maker Machine or the Soda-Maker Machine. Then you have books that could be turned into machines Robert Allen's One Minute Millionaire . One button, one minute AaannDD you are a freaking Millionaire. If the height of spirituality increases anymore then we ought to have a "Instant Robin Sharma Maker Machine", button dabaya aur bas! You could get a cup full of instant spirituality, self discovery and even an FIR report on "Which monk sold whose Ferrari and where did he steal it from" for a certain MRP with Service Tax.

Talk about spirituality and not mention INDIA...uhhuh! No ways! Ours is a spiritual den full of unwanted spiritual tigers ready to pounce upon the god-fearing goats. With goats I meant you and mehhh. It is my country where a revered Saint of Spiritualism toggles between his ashram and jail and more than often enjoys materialistic pleasures on Government expenses.Then there are these particular set of holy men who would prefer to go global and show off their abs rather than sit in some secluded part of the country and attain divinity. And then there are these whites and blacks and yellows and greens and pinks and what nots who come from all over the world to attain "moksha" (and I am not being racist here, so do not raise your eyebrows).

Then we have politicians who preach and raise their voices on issues, because anyways the common man is either left unheard or his voices vanish in the "Kumbh-mela" of bureaucracy. And then there are people like Chopra ji, arre Deepak Chopra who is so busy exporting that Indian sense to spiritualism to the world without any custom duties. If only he would teach something to the Thackrey clan, the world would be a better place to live in. At least you and me can celebrate the next Valentine's Day peacefully. See, those are the benefits of spiritualism.
Everyone mentioned above is either seeking or speaking the buzz word "Spiritualism".

The Indian educated and not literate group are the only devotees of such spiritual Gurus who write to prove their point in the race of spirituality. Only if the ITC could market spiritualism in "Tetra-pack" and if Amul came out with Self Discovery "pouches", we would have a stronger INDIA.

"If any of you happen to glance through or just stumble upon accidentally, please do leave a comment and make my day" 


  1. instant gratification at its best

  2. Its a "must follow" rather then just a must read. Well thought out. U r making good use of d vacation.

  3. Hey, that was a nice read. You can write well!

  4. Rohan> Gratification of reader is my ultimate joy!

    Pooji> Its a must follow and thats why I have to remind you every time, read it! there's a new one on d block! Thanks anyways. Would have made more use of the vacations, if the ESSAR guys did not make me work like an employee!

    The Virgin Author> Nice name by the way. Thank you! as of it, I know I can write considerably well.

  5. Well said.
    Ours is a spiritual den full of unwanted spiritual tigers ready to pounce upon the god-fearing goats.
    So true.

  6. Phew, Im finally able to comment!!

    Great post.. I was laughing my head off at this line.. "set of holy men who would prefer to go global and show off their abs" .. Quality :D
    Its rather interesting that the so called educated in our country dont question some of these god-men, and end up encouraging their narcissistic tendencies...

    Btw.. When you are an intern you've got to expect being treated like employee while being paid peanuts.. Same thing happens with us at Elecon

  7. Haddock> It really is. Problem arises when no one seems to be doing anything about it!

    Sammy> Thank you! Am smiling! Its high time that the so called educated class does something about this issue!
    and btw being treated like an employee with peanut stipends is fair enough, but I get such a treatment without any stipend.

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