Friday, May 28, 2010

Pussycat Dolls "When I grow up"

Whoaah!! I kept my promise. Back on the 7th day since the last time I wrote. But this time its not the love to write something that got me here, its a shhhhh... issue.

An issue which was nice enough when it was hidden it the dark alleyways but now its become public. My reader's feed dropped down to 5! Oh mi god, I cannot take it anymore. When I started off in 2006, i had 67 readers on an average day, it dropped to 30 in March-May'2010, and now its 5! FIVE! I should jump off in a pool of guilt stricken oil. 

As I think about this, the song on my playlist changes to "When I Grow Up" and marne ka plan cancel. 
Remember 2008, Pussycat Dolls , their first single. Rack your brains if you didn't get it yet. How hey made regular appearances on the MTV shaking their booties and crooning "When I grow up, I wanna be famous", yay!  The song itself is totally PCD (pussy cat dolls), bimbotic, neither jam nor a particular alternative one, just plainly ferocious. Waiiiittt....this post is not about the song.
This song always takes me back to the ambitions as a kid. All professions were suffixed to this particular set of words "When I grow up, I want to be...." As expected, none of it was straight forward.
There were times, when girls around me wanted to be teachers and nurses and boys wanted to be engine drivers and doctors or something equally important, I wanted to become the Prime Minister of India. yes, its right! Me, the PM of my country. And it was not in a way that I want more power( I did not even know what power meant) or more money( yeah, I knew what this meant). I knew this was my calling in life. If I was born, it was because India needed a Prime Minister like me.

Of course, major credit for such conviction solely goes to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. I had a huge crush on this man. I knew about his death, but that was unimportant and vague. I remember being very idealistic about him and my decision. Then I read about the bombing in detail and my world shattered. All my political aspirations died the same moment. You see, I never thought anyone could die doing a Prime Minister's job. So I gave away that thought, it was too dangerous to become a PM. I loved my life.

This was the only time I had a strong sense of conviction, never again.

So once the Minister idea was shelved, I needed a new ambition. I settled for 'Doctor'. It was common, no one would raise much questions. I had absolutely no idea what a doctor actually did (I thought it was all magic), or how long would it take to become one. I couldn't be bothered with practicalities like that. I was happy that I got a honorable ambition.

It was not long before I realised that doctors are somewhat quirky in real life. And I also got aware of the fact that I was least interested in biology. So there was another dampener to my high-soaring ambition. I thought what good would an ambition be if  it was 'honorable' and kept me 'alive' but instead made me 'loony'. So this was chucked off.  
Since then I flirted with the thought of taking up or reaching many points when I had decided my final
ambition. There was none with enough conviction. All were rejected by some means or other. Business woman- very honorable but with low success rate , Chartered Accountant- appealed to my nerdy side but seemed like a lot of drudgery and hard work. Amongst a confusion of professions, I began to realize that I need not categorize my ambition.

Few years to it, I realised that when I grow up all I wanted was to be happy. So I gave in to life and swam with it.

Today all 20 years of age, I still have no profession. I want to be a Chef (I cook scrumptious meals). I want to be an author ( i write pretty awesome stuff). A biographer. I want to be a Film-maker (on this path almost). I want to be a HR chic. I want to get paid for travelling (like Highway on my Plate guys).  After writing this post, I again want to be the Prime Minister of India (Manmohan uncle, here I come).

Here's to me and my dreams!

PS- So given my rekindled political aspirations, I might just eventually become the prime Minister of India. My acceptance speech would start something like- “First of all I would like to thank the inspiring gyrations and vocal renditions of the Pussy Cat Dolls. I wouldn't be here without them. *sniff* 
All of us started with a dream. I know when I was young, and I would sign people's notebooks, I wrote, 'Remember me when I'm famous,' and I don't know of a little kid who hasn't aspired to be someone” 

That would be some day for India. I would go down as a legend. 
Even bigger than Laloo. 
Now how’s that for an ambition!


  1. I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. Or at least a 'grown up'

    Can imagine the PM thanking the pUssycats in her accpetance speech :)

  2. Great read again :) .. As they say the one thing that never changes in life is change.. All the best for your ambitions... er and if you ever stand for PM, ring me up, my vote is yours.. :)

  3. Knife> Astronaut, at some point of time the thought of being an astronaut fascinated me,I was 5. And thats was only once that I thought about.
    "About the acceptance speech, I would also include thank you all who commented on this particular post :p"

    Sammy> Oh I was supposed to put this up on your inbox about the new post! But the internship nearly killed me.
    If i stand a chance to be d PM, all in my friend list will be voting for me! (I'll threaten them to)

  4. Nice post dear...

    Found u in Haddock blog..You know even I wanted to be a chef :D

  5. Anamika> Thank you dearie! A chef!!! OMG, I still want to be one, like Monica from FRIENDS!! but alas! stuck with IT. :(
    Anyways lovely name you have got!

  6. Hey great post..
    well same here
    even i had been in the same situation and i still am
    i still suck at tennis and studies
    but somewhere i can make it out from d post that i am not alone of this kind...

  7. Nice song? Dude, the only good part is watching Nicole in that tight outfit.


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