Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tinsel Town blues!

 have been away for a long time.  All my attempts to start NabloPaMo for the last 2 months have been crushed by my own laziness. I penned down 5 stories and a few poems, but nothing came up on the blog. The paper napkin at CCD has more patience than this blog. Grrr, and like all those relations where you get back no matter how worthless they are, I come back to this blog each day, to read and to think "wish I could write like them" *Ahh! Sigh* And my poor blog is now stinking like the rotten egg, with nothing new. Uggghhh!! did I say that out loud? If you have not noticed I have taken the pains in changing the template a bit.

Meanwhile I read hundreds of post on others' blogs. I have developed this R.F.P syndrome.  Reading First Post syndrome, I cannot sit still unless I dig into the first post written on every blog that I go through. I love reading how the blog was started, what was the reason of its coming to existence. Its my marijuana since the last few months.

I was scared that my writing genes were secretly gulped down by the lizard in my hostel balcony, but no! Iam sure, because the lizard is not seen since so long. My deadly genes shooooo'd the creature into the world where lizard walk the talk and kick their human counterparts' in the shins! Gross might be the word you are thinking to blurt out.

Well, I was scared, I surely was on the quality of my recent posts. And now I am scared no more. Something tells me that I might be the only one reading my blog. so the fear ran away. Well quality downgrading is completely natural given the fact this is what happens in a normal day in this tinsel town.

'A white-washed and dreary classroom in one corner of the weirdly constructed matchbox style college'

' Around twenty  'bored-out-of-their-minds' students are somehow adjusting themselves on the sixty something benches'

'One overly enthusiastic professor who seems to be wearing his belt on his chest'

'One twenty-one or more year old trying to kick start a conversation with the next guy and starts off with "ahh! Eu know whaa?"

'An Indian equivalent of the dumb Blondie who is very much amused at the fact that she can twirl her hair'

'The class nerds trying to look interested and their eyes fixed on a single dot on the projector screen, if they blink they'll miss out on a hell lot of knowledge'

'Ten Yankees who enter the class with coffee in their hands and tring to figure out reasons for being late'

'Soon things settle down, four jobless creatures somehow struggle to keep thier eyes open.'

'Clowns demonstrate how to make paper planes and check the viability of it by testing it in this public forum, soon all you can see is paper planes Zwoooooooooooooooooop - Zwooooooooooooooooooooop-ing from one corner to other, until one lands on the professor's feet'

'A not-so innocent blogger trying to weasel out a post in her blank notebook, gets busy clicking pictures of the various faces in her class'

Its been so long since time was spent like this in the classroom. Life Now, is mostly in the college corridor working on the next event or cheering for the College at any random Inter-college tournament or mornings that start at 2pm.

Surprise surprise!!
Well so this is how life is, the journal would itself if I ever wrote life-journals like this, Unlessss!! those days' when everyone close to you bunk to celebrate the roommate's birthday!! A day for which you have to slog and plan day and night to make it a look like a birthday. When everyone around, helps to so much that I actually end up satiated at all the good work done. On returning from the so un-planned dinner of the day, not yet midnight few gooses follow and honk the way down to the hostel. Fumed head-to-toe, I kick throw my 5-inches in the air swearing under the breath as we open the door to the room, my paradise in the tinsel town!!!

Happy Birthday!
And she is actually 400 :p

  Days pass by sooner as I go to and fro home-hostel every week due to the throat infection. Mom ke haath ka Rajma chawal, Dad's Birthday, continuos pestering by Khanna and the late night calorie free Jalebi+ vanilla icecream!

And then the black clouds start swarming in, Attendance Report shows that there were actually 4 days that I was present in the class in the last month, notes that cannot be found even on the night before exam, the same roommate turns into a lady Satan and throws pens everytime I get 'losted' in my world of sleep and doesnot even let me copy in the exam next day. Bloody hell!

Life is tinsel town is not that easy. and if you think this post lacked any good stuff or quality, it is because it was meant to be like this. I love Randomness!

"If any of you happen to glance through or just stumble upon accidentally, please do leave a comment and make my day."


  1. Our daily schedule,Perfectly and literally well put. Love this meaningless nd random life of ours. And do post more frequently, I many a times ACCIDENTLY stumble here!

  2. It is not as bad a post as you make it sound :)
    Loved your quirky randomness! I could relate to so many things you wrote about- having stayed in hostel for last 6 yrs now. Coincidentally m recovering from a throat infection too :P
    I loved the way you described all the creatures in your class :)
    Keep blogging :)

  3. @magiceye> thank you! I love randomness to the core!

    @pooji> Yeah sweety! Our regular life lately has become much hectic that above mentioned! I hope we get on track soon!

    @S> Loved ur blog. Thank you for stumbling upon. 6 years in a hostel is a great deal of time. I am sure you could run out 6 seasons of ur stay at hostel. Love.


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