Saturday, October 23, 2010

I regret

What would have happened if I had not met you?

I would not have lied about things that did not happen.

I wouldn't have to think how I could be better than the ex.

I would not have wished for more.

Not having the feeling of being deprived of the love I deserve.

Not ignoring my friends for someone like you.

No feeling humiliated when I was told I was regretted.

No breaking of hearts.

No waiting for call every single night.

No talking of my male friends under hushed wooden ceiling.

No thoughts about I am wrong but I still have to go on.

No falling in love every moment I saw you.

No tear stains on the pillow.

No craving for sound sleep.

What did happen when I actually met you?

The only point I remember now is the pain. Never again.

"If anyone who happen to glance through or just stumble upon accidentally on this blog, please do leave a comment and make my day."


  1. hey just accidently visited ur blog and was pleased with the refreshing writting skills u have .....very interesting

  2. Im sure you're rocking by now ! I just got here and reading past posts too :)


Why I write this ?

so you finally want to know. Well very often I have a writer's block. I am over burdened by my own thoughts. Sometimes i do take the pain of puttin them up, mostly i do not. This is a peek-a-Boo of what i see, what i feel and what i want you to know. Bear with me! Happy reading!