Friday, October 22, 2010

An ode to them!

An ode. Because they deserve much more.

There are wonderful people in this world. And you are quite lucky if they are around. They are God's apology for not making better relatives. I am lucky enough to have them around.
I have such wonderful and sometimes pain-in-the-neck friends. 

Because they tell the ex-boyfriends - Dude, stop messing up. She is way over you by now. (even if the break up happened last night)

Because they tell the present one- Better watch out. One mistake; your ass our whip. No goofing around.

Because when they turn to you they say- Chic, stop whining over him. Get up. Get a life.

They send you birthday cards when your birthday is 5 months away. 

They send bunch of roses anonymously to your hostel just to make you secretly happy.
That unfortunately are thrown away anyways.
No worries.
They drive all the way down to the laundry to pick the outfit you wish to wear for the date tonight.

They threaten to unsubscribe from your status updates just because you update your status at 2:00 am. And shamelessly ask you to promote their never-updated blog.

They place orders for flowers for people they have never met. Just because you are too busy to do that. 
And they even pay for it. 

They get their ass' out of the bed, somehow freshen up, just to get breakfast for you at 10:00 am on a superb Sunday morning.

They know you are wrong. They even let you know that. Still if you don't pay a heed, they let you face it. And then give you the "I told you so" look.

They get your things done. They talk to your guy and let him know that you are pissed. They cover up for you in front of your mom, when she asks "Where were you last night?"

They sing "Bhool jaa.. jo hua use" when you are in a 'fresh out of the oven' bad fight mode. And they sing it with the guitar.
They remind you for your medicine. To take your lucky pen for your then board exam. Make notes for the upcoming exams.

They hang up on their girlfriends' just because you want to talk to them after a fight with your guy.

They call at 3:00 am just to check if you have stopped mooning over him or not.

They know exactly how you like your coffee. Your men.   Your chicken. And your bookshelf.

They exactly know when to shut up. How to keep calm when you get anger fits. :p
 What to answer when you ask "Is this dress nice? Will he like it?"

They sacrifice their yahoo messenger chats with special people for hours just so you can write one single nonsense post.

Because they know that is how you are. Even if its not the way you should be, they accept it and love you.

They are the faces I think about every night before I sleep. 

They are awesome.

They get my heart, my kidney, the lungs, liver. Whatever they want. They get it all.

They might not be everything I wrote. But they represent most of it. Each one does.

Arihant, Arjun, Rucha, Heena, Parth, Vivek, Pooja, Preyas, Harsh, Utsav.....I love you for being there always. Forever.

They are FRIENDS.

Thank you. I love you.

"If anyone who happen to glance through or just stumble upon accidentally on this blog, please do leave a comment and make my day."


  1. I must say this is not the best I have read of you. But nevertheless its beautiful the way you have put up the things. Lovely read. Looking forward for more posts.

  2. Looks like you've got some amazing friends.. Great way to remember them instead of taking them for granted.. ;)

  3. Wow....dats really beautifully put. And yes this bond of our's has always been so special. I too think i'm really lucky to have all my friends.

  4. how sweet!!!! Love you too!!! :* :) <3

  5. That was really an interesting post. Loved the way you write, it has a smooth flow in it. Enjoyed my stay here :)

    Btw, hope you enjoy reading my post - When love calls

    Take care and keep blogging :)

  6. somwher down the line, my post was inspired by this post f urs ;) hehehehehe........ I <3 u tooo kaajooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! :)))) and wil olwys b der wid u and for u!!!!!

  7. Love you 2 3 4....infinite!!!
    Thnx for evrythin!! <3 <3

  8. @ Anon> I am glad there is someone out there who reads my posts! Gleeee!!! I'll try to keep up. Thank you.

    @pooja> Lucky charm, thats what u are! Our bond is really really special. Love you sweets!

    @ Rucha and Heena> Lucky me! I got comments from you chics! That is more than everything to me. You make my life, what it is!


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