Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My new shoes shouldn't be punished just because I can't budget

All my life no words could have rung truer than when Carrie Bradshaw sleepily announced,"But I rationalized that my new shoes shouldn't be punished just because I can't budget." unquote

UO Red Ballerina Flats 
Beer bellied men buy real estates, the MBA victims spend on mutual funds, S.P Tulsian and market incarnations alike tend to imbue in other's hard earned money, most Indian women buy jewelery, the boy next door sinks in his packet of chips and the young man endows in his present date. 

I buy shoes. Well, I invest in shoes. ahem! sounds better now. My hard earned allowance. My choice. But not in the very responsible and economic way of buying shoes. I just sometimes, by very unfortunate luck miss being able to afford food. But what the heck!

the tacky  Gallianos'
I have a closet full of uncomfortable heels and soles that can put up an unfair competition to J'Lo;s wig collection. And I do not even let my mother throw them away. not even touch them.  I am obsessed. But you never know when a miracle can happen and those shoes gracefully are accepted by my feet. *sigh*

The sales executive representative at Aldo's and Givenchy and Tod's look at me with so much romance filled eyes, never ever has my boyfriend looked at me like that. I may not be their favorite customer, but they love having me around. Some strange whiff pulls me inside these stores every time, always. 

the recent bandage galliano
The last time I got my card maxed out, to buy a pair of thigh high Australian UGGs ;  my worry stricken mother called and asked me if I could possibly return them back. " Nope mom!I know they cost a lot, but I’m going to wear them all the time. You’ll see. Besides, I love the compliments. "

Just like an awkward first day at school, the first time I somehow went into Tod's and hurriedly bought myself a pair of ugly clogs. They never come out of my closet ever, but have a special place.

Givenchy zip booties

 My first major cash spent and beloved shoes were taken from Givenchy 4 years back. I relate these shoes to the moment   when your boyfriend tells  "Darn woman! you are so kissable"  



Remember Princess Mia, and her theory of foot popping when you got that special kiss. Well, my popping moment can be related to my Hermes' Snakeskin suede Hamlet pumps. It was pure unadulterated lust at the first sight and there was nothing virginal about my feelings for it then. It was like the somber calm feeling that comes after a long drag! Oh my! 

15$ Suede pumps from Mustafa Market :p

And with these shoes comes fishing out various occasions where I can wear them. After all my new shoes should not be punished just because I am broke. Carrie taught me so, and taught it very well. 

I no more care they are Loubotins' or Tods', 'Marni' or 'Lanvin' or the shoes straight away from street. If I see a nice pair, I have to have it. The guys at net-a-porter must be getting bonuses every time I add shoes to my cart.

Hoarding, you may call it. Its a recent worry that my parents, assorted friends and my soul has to deal with. 

My shoes make me cheerful and impulsive. They make me ballsy and powerful. They make me serious, feminine and fun. You call me shallow? well you can! thats the whole point. Its shallow, but this is for what my heart sings. It is for days when you have it and you feel no one can beat you ever in anything. The charm. The confidence. The mystical ethos of each shoe.
 I seriously thank god for the multi billion shoe industry.

so now I am again almost broke with my new purchase of Chloe' ankle boots, I am still waiting for its delivery. And there is already a after work party in calender waiting to grace the arrival of my new boots. And its free gross food, but I get to wear my boots and meet the cute guy at the bar.  

After all, every dark cloud has a ..umm..a supple leather lining. 

Dear god, here are some snippets from my wishlist. Please get me at least two of them by Christmas. I'll be a good girl till then.

Range of Loubotins. I can kill to get them.


  1. a bit of girly post bt d way u presented was worth noticing, few aspects do prove dat yeaah, u r truly n arien..N1 POST

  2. Oh. My. God. Woman, I want to be in your shoes. :P

  3. @vineet> Thank you! It indeed is a true arien and a girly post.

    @Carpe Diem> I loved your blog.
    And Am glad you liked these earthy pairs! I can go on buying shoes anytime everywhere.

  4. Thank you! I must say, the feeling is very mutual. :)


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