Saturday, December 11, 2010

Words on the life's cardboard

               An avowal of all the beeeeeeeeeeeeeg events of my life was the sole purpose of this blog, but somewhere along the way the 'big' got replaced by erratic and random, and then further down, the word 'events' pretty much got lost in its own self. The loss of the word 'events' was made clearer with my intense need to reiterate the fact that my life was getting dull, duller than Dr.Phil on a rainy day.
So I was pretty much left with 'erratic' and 'random', which I have been using to their full advantage, as you'd know if you have been around here awhile. But those of you who haven't, yes, I love to call myself  'nonsense' and yes, randomly droning on absolutely nothing at all is something I do with great pride.

But I veer away (as usual). I am back here, rather surprisingly because lately the idea of the blog being left untouched is better than having something to write about. I hereby announce that I am almost done with college. Well, not technically until April, but who is looking to nit pick details as insignificant as those. 

Finally, I got myself to give those zillions of entrance exams which I was successfully trying to avoid, but looking at P & R's enthusiasm on 'doing something rather than nothing' got into me and I jumped into the bandwagon. Tomorrow I have an entrance for one of the premier TATA Institutions, and here I am typing some jhgxsgdgfjggfzk, which I doubt anyone will be reading. And the icing to the cake is, to get a hope of admission I have to now know and actually memorize how much wheat did India produce in 2008-09. huh! Next, they will evaluate me on how many ducks and peach trees do I have on my land? Its the Farmville bug, I tell you. Its gotten into everyone. It is an epidemic. The farming epidemic. Ahuh!

I just had a little chat with L, primarily an old school pal, who is also appearing for the same exam, albeit in Mumbai. So skipping the college work (editing, designing, writing essays, database), I somehow manage to trod till Ahmedabad, while, she gets a two day rendezvous in Mumbai with our old friends and their new HOT man friends (let me use that term). Life's so porcelain fair to some people.  Here I digress again. Well, so what she said comes to this, "The paper's going to be hell tough this year it seems. I went through all the editions/copies of all GK books I could get my hands on." 
Well, I don't think I need to mention what is my condition. I have barely planned beyond the route we'll be taking to go to Ahmedabad, what we'll be doing after the exam is over and blah blah blah...

So my roommate got me this Manorama 2010 to at least go through, and me being ME tuned into the laptop for some solace. And found my 53 GB drive full of movies. (anything will do as long as I do not have to study)
I was just on my regular re-runs of Sex and the City movie, when I realised how much I was in dire need of a new pair of 5 inches. This movie is like prom and homecoming mixed together and put forward as a margarita to me. I can go on and on with all the lines and their labels. I can close my eyes and blurt out scene after scene. well, I may be obsessed, but it is not that bad. The obsession of course. 

And it suddenly strikes me as I write this, how difficult it is going to be to pack my 4 years of life into those huge suitcases at the end of this academic year. Hell yeah! I love the word academic year, I ain't gonna use it after a couple'o years.  How formidable would it be to get away from R, H and P
How difficult would it be not being 'just 20' and being 'twenty somethings'. I am petrified at the thought of leaving this place I hated for the past 3 years of my life. Of having to go to a new place.Of adjusting with the new place and its people (though i'll love the thrill). Of finally be able to do something which I have always loved to do. Of letting go all the moments spent with my camaraderie. Of having to grow up FINALLY. Or may be, I can go without it for a couple of years. Who cares!

To R, H & P:

You saw me whine, you heard me scream. 
You made me smile. You saw me dream.

Thank you for being there.  "We are always dressed head-to-toe in LOVE. The only label that never goes out of style"


  1. My God, tell me, if you speak too much in real? :P

    Stay happy!

  2. I speak much more than this in real. I can go on until you put a sock in my mouth and still go on your knees to beg me to stop. :D


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