Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A chord that struck

Has the kind of music you dive into, ever changed your world in any way?

Have you ever ever thought harder or felt stronger after your favourite lines? Have you ever been left with cold feet, weak knees, a pounding heart or a dazed expression? Has the music ever entered your ears and then taken a short-cut directly into your soul without stopping to bother your head or heart? Or has it ever taken involuntary control of your body like a polite note?

How would have life been if you had never heard of  "Kashmir", "Smoke on the water", "Pyar hamein kis mod pe", or "Wish you were here"?
Can you remember the time when you did not really know the words "Fade to Black" or even "I am the highway"?

How about those time when a song made you sit up and proclaim, "Hey! I know that feeling and that's exactly how it feels!"?

Do you remember your first song dedication and the reaction it caused? Do you recall ever being mocked for your taste of music and you hotly defended that? Or do you recall how quickly you showed no care to all that because all that mattered was the way the world shut down when the music started?

Any traces of the song that played behind and you thought 'Sex, drugs and Rock n roll....... Take out the drugs and you have one more of the other two'?

                           Do you still remember the song playing in your head or around when you first kissed? The song that was on a replay mode when your heart broke? The song that mended it? The song playing when you fell in love yet again?

Do you actually remember the song listening to which you realised, without any doubt or hope, that your life would never, ever be the same again?

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  1. You write in a way I only wish I could write. It is the best piece of yours.


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