Friday, February 11, 2011

The PeterPan complex

Yes! apart from my last post I have not been writing. Because I have been thinking. It is a very very nasty habit I picked up recently while working on the college magazine.

       I being perversely introspective, do not use my grey matter to ponder over the Big Bang theory or the origins of The God Particle. Instead, I spend my time thinking about what would I do after two months. I have to leave this tinsel town. Leave all the friends I have here. I can crib about this tinsel town, but it has grown into me.

Well the other day, over cups of countless expresso shots and cappucinos, my friend and fellow left-hander, whom I shall call Dilbert, told me one basic thing about men, "We are all commitment-phobes when you think it's actual LOVE." Well, he said that pretty casually and in turn his girl actually hit him with her new, new clutch. I pity that piece of stitched cloth and sequins..

"Unless the girl pushes us, we'd be perfectly happy not getting married the rest of our lives", he still continued. The girlfriend was all red in the face by now, she would have kicked him in the shins for that statement. I know that woman, trust me.

See, I knew women know this thing but pretend it is not true. Like the fact, that overdoing the chocolate will lead to eveil things happening around the hip region. Or the reason that we're offered seats in buses and trains more than often has to do with the plunging necklines than the act of chivalry. But anyway, to hear those words out and loud, got me thinking.

Men, it seems are born and brought up to love singlehood. And to love sex. Batman, Robinhood, Peterpan, Son Goku- their heroes are all single men who do cool things alone. ALONE. Without the silly girls to disturb while they do it. They hang out, make a LOT of noise, without having anyone to call them and ask when they reaching home. And while you come, can you bring in the cauliflower on your way.

With women, it is different. Even if the notion of spending a lifetime with a potentially sexiest or a good old-fashioned stranger scares the hell out of me. Even if we believe that domestic life is a kind of epidemic created to kill us slowly. Its my personal opinion, even if the concept of adapting, shifting and compromising our lives and complimenting that to the other's life, makes us want to grab that sharp object and do some harakiri altogether. For women, love is love is love.

Men, so apart from loving your singlehood and getting crazy about the women you want to fall for you, and then just forgetting about all that loove and catching up on your buddies when she wants to be with you, please Grow up. GROW UP.

So have we just taken it in our stride, like you know, grown ups??

P.S: Dilbert is still paying for that statement, he is on a month long forced celibacy. No enetring the partment. No calling the girlfriend. All he can do is to take the dogs out for a walk.

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  1. Okay! I know the Dilbert. And you are so true on some parts about men. You know us.


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