Thursday, April 21, 2011

for it ended then.

He’d hoped for a perfect day
Of dirty shoes and a long walk
While she had made plans
To drink coffee and talk

He sat behind the curtain
Altered by the sugar
Took questions one by one
Without a perfect answer

He almost never had one
She whimpered on
Walking about restlessly
Without any footwear on

He had nothing to ask
But the one that made her shudder
It wasn’t her love for dogs
But why she sang in the shower

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Why I write this ?

so you finally want to know. Well very often I have a writer's block. I am over burdened by my own thoughts. Sometimes i do take the pain of puttin them up, mostly i do not. This is a peek-a-Boo of what i see, what i feel and what i want you to know. Bear with me! Happy reading!