Wednesday, July 30, 2014

That dot on the world map

Earthen floors, maybe clay even. Lamplight, flickering but not eerie, casting warm shadows on uneven stone walls, smooth to the touch nevertheless. Inside the room, the lamp makes everything yellow, orange, amber, brown. Its light is bright enough to make the outlines of the objects in the room visible, but not bright enough for individual colours, textures, to be seen clearly. A thin curtain separates this little oasis of light from the rest of the world. Outside, the night hasn't yet surrendered to dawn and the sky and the world shift between shades of blue, as if uncertain whether it's time for light or darkness. There are no trees outside, only bare mountains, rock and stone, but beautiful in a hard way and not inhospitable. Inside, on the cool floor, a cold breeze rippling across the room, I sit crosslegged, covered with some kind of dark, woollen shawl or robe, only my face uncovered as I drink hot, spicy, unfamiliar tea through a small earthern pot.

For years, this image has fixed itself in my mind. Where it came from, I cannot say. Perhaps from a short movie clip watched between forty winks. Or a figment thrown up my the imagination, on reading a piece of writing somewhere. I don't know where it springs from, but it stays and fills me with a longing I can't describe. It makes me want to go to places with exotic names like Istanbul and Samoa and Casablanca. Hell, even Goa will do at this point. But I won't get that tea, will I?

I need a vacation.    

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Why I write this ?

so you finally want to know. Well very often I have a writer's block. I am over burdened by my own thoughts. Sometimes i do take the pain of puttin them up, mostly i do not. This is a peek-a-Boo of what i see, what i feel and what i want you to know. Bear with me! Happy reading!